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this is probs going to be the last thing I post here-

I’m going to keep this account going, I will keep old roleplays, transfer some opens over to my other account, I’m not going to deactivate. I put too much effort and love into this account to do that. 

You’re all the sweetest things ever, especially those of you who have put up with me since I started this account a little over a year ago.

Thank you for making my time on this account so wonderful!

I’ll hopefully see you all again on fightingdaleks.

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Flew in on a leaf →

oh my stars.

You people are lovely, I know I said I’d stay here, but I moved.

See that link up there?

That’s where you lovely, lovely people can find me now. 

If you still want to follow me.

I’ve seen so many new people, and I feel really bad…




I’ll make starters for whoever wants. 

Just over there, not here.

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Welcome back Oswald|| +open


Clara slowly walked into the room, a smal smile on her face as it looked cleaner than when she left. “Hello?” She questioned, moving hair out of her face. “I’m back-“

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you know what? I’m back. Because everyone follows this one instead of the other, I’m back.

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Hello once again lovelies.

I’m now located here-

Just in case anyone wants to know-

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Hello Everyone!

I don’t know why I still have this blog up-

but I’m now located Here

It’s not just another Clara rper stealing my Url, it is in fact me, so, feel free to follow there instead of here!


-Ashley Oswald